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How VBP Leverage Australian Financial Businesses

In this episode of Evolve Alliance by Elixir Consulting, VBP General Manager of Consulting Sue Viskovic along with VBP CEO David Carney and Head of Strategic Relationship Management Valery Jakosalem discuss VBP – what it is as a business, what expertise and processes it has, and the kind of services it offers to help Australian financial advisors grow their businesses.

Episode notes:

  • Introducing VBP and some key information about the business (00:40)
  • Understanding the outsourcing business and offering bespoke services to clients (3:14)
  • Discussing horizontal and vertical growth in the business (4:07)
  • Understanding the recruitment and training processes in VBP (9:34)
  • Gil Gordon’s experience with VBP (14:28)
  • Learning the concept of outsourcing, specific client needs, and how business process meetings are set up (22:50)
  • Unlocking the tools to support clients’ advice journey (25:41)
  • Australia versus the Philippines: How different is the workforce (30:28)
  • Breaking down the tasks of an admin Team Member (33:26)
  • Val’s career journey in VBP as a Filipino joining an Australian-owned firm  (37:40)
  • Culture is our strategy: Understanding the VBP culture (42:25)
  • How VBP provides support team members to Australian financial services firms (45:59)
  • Understanding the cost of VBP services (50:32)
  •  VBP Team Member perks and benefits; maintaining a positive work environment (53:24)
  • Mitigating risks and leveraging opportunities of AI to the business (1:04:21)
  • Understanding the Client Onboarding Process and how to connect with VBP (1:07:46)
  • DC’s valuable tip for businesses considering taking on Outsourcing (1:12:39)
About the Guests
David Carney and Valery Jakosalem
David is the CEO of VBP and brings 28 years of experience working in the financial services industry and leading teams. With his experience owning and managing his advice firm, DC understands the challenges of building momentum, growth and the constant need to find a better way. While Valery is the Head of Key AccountsHead of Strategic Relationship Management who excels in cultivating impactful relationships and tailoring solutions for sustained business growth. Her proactive leadership consistently surpasses client expectations, contributing to success within VBP.

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