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The Impact of The Great Game of Business Laws

The Impact of The Great Game of Business Laws

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the need for a strategic framework that drives team member engagement and cultivates a collaborative culture has never been more crucial. At VBP, we’ve found immense value in the timeless principles laid out in “The Great Game of Business” by Jack Stack, particularly the Higher Laws of Business. They have shaped our approach to leadership, decision-making, and growth.

1. You Get What You Give
This law emphasises reciprocity. Team members must understand that creating a thriving company is a shared responsibility. By engaging our teams in the process, we encourage ownership and foster a collaborative spirit. When we empower our teams to think beyond their roles, they become key drivers of our collective success.

2. It’s Easy to Stop One Guy but It’s Pretty Hard to Stop One Hundred
The power of teamwork is indispensable. Our teams are aligned around common goals, given the tools to succeed, and trusted to deliver results. This unity enables us to navigate challenges with unwavering resilience.

4. You Do What You Gotta Do
Success requires relentless focus, especially when livelihoods are at stake. At VBP, we have cultivated a culture where our teams prioritise the mission at hand, understand the stakes, and are motivated to deliver.

5. You Gotta Wanna
True motivation is intrinsic. Each team member’s “fire in the belly” is crucial to achieving our goals. By aligning personal goals with the company’s vision, we inspire our team members to pursue their ambitions while driving business growth.

6. You Can Sometimes Fool the Fans, but You Can Never Fool the Players
Transparency is key to credibility. Our team members often possess deep insights into their work and our services. By seeking their input and valuing their expertise, we foster trust and ensure strategic decisions are grounded in reality.

7. When You Raise the Bottom, the Top Rises
When team members understand the financial implications of their actions, they find creative ways to improve outcomes. We encourage a winning mindset, where everyone strives to outperform themselves and surpass industry benchmarks.

8. When People Set Their Own Targets, They Usually Hit Them
Ownership of targets is empowering. By enabling teams to establish their own standards and benchmarks, we foster accountability. They become responsible for delivering on their promises, strengthening our culture of integrity.

9. If Nobody Pays Attention, People Stop Caring
Recognizing performance is vital. Team members who see their contributions acknowledged remain engaged and motivated. We celebrate successes and provide constructive feedback, ensuring every team member feels valued.

10. As They Say in Missouri, ‘Shit Rolls Downhill’—Change Begins at the Top
Leadership sets the tone for accountability. We prioritise leading by example, eliminating the blame game, and fostering a culture of self-reliance. Our transparency, trust, and open-book management practices empower team members to take ownership of their work.

The Ultimate Higher Law
“When You Appeal to the Highest Level of Thinking, You Get the Highest Level of Performance.”

By cultivating an environment where team members operate at their highest potential, we unite toward shared goals and achieve exceptional results. These laws have helped us build a resilient, innovative, and motivated workforce that consistently delivers value to our clients.

As we continue to grow, these principles will remain integral to our approach, ensuring VBP remains a vibrant, purpose-driven organisation.

About the Author
David Carney
Head of Growth
Head of Growth
David Carney transitions to VBP’s Head of Growth. In his role, DC spearheads sales, marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurial focus. Collaborating closely with teams, he directs growth initiatives to meet evolving client needs and industry shifts. As a vital member of the executive team, David prioritises growth in VBP’s strategy, ensuring sustained profitability. With a dedicated and systematic approach, he drives the organisation toward sustainable growth, leveraging his extensive experience and strategic vision to propel VBP forward in a dynamic marketplace.

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