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How to Attract Great Talent to your firm

How to Attract Great Talent to your firm

Outsourcing to Attract the Best Talents to Your Company

Recruitment is an integral but often difficult process in any organisation that aims to find, attract, and hire the right people who could help the company perform and grow. In larger organisations, this is the scope of the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition department. However, not all companies possess the expertise or capacity in recruitment, hampering a smooth recruitment process and may incur additional costs and delays. Even smaller companies hire in-house professionals to perform recruitment tasks but others, whose hiring may be seasonal, often don’t tend to invest in in-house recruiters or talent acquisition. In many such situations outsourcing the task of recruitment can be the best option to ensure you attract and employ ideal candidates to your company. Once recruitment is outsourced to a service provider, they will take the responsibility of looking for, hiring and maintaining the organisations’ most valued assets: employees. Let’s have an in-depth look into the benefits of tapping a third-party provider in the recruitment process.
  • It can be easier to find the right candidates since the provider already has a major resource pool and established market branding.
  • By outsourcing, the service provider acts as a marketer for the company brand.
  • Recruitment is a time-consuming process that begins with sourcing all the way until onboarding. When you have a service provider for this, your company will have more time to do focus on your business.
  • Reduce the cost – to attract and hire the right candidates, an organisation has to allocate operational and recruitment costs by hiring in-house recruitment capabilities. With a service provider, the cost of operation and recruitment can be optimised.
  • When you outsource, with the appropriate agreement and processes in place, the service provider can reduce the risk to the organisation by undertaking background verification and reference checks.
  • This approach can assist start-ups and smaller companies – by outsourcing, they can compete for the best talent. Outsourcing partners have access to different platforms where good talent thrives. Outsourcing partners also build their own talent pool with strong applicants.
Generally, the key factors that have increased the importance of outsourcing the recruitment process are the need for more experts and the ability to concentrate on the other integral parts of the business. Recruiting the best talent always gives an organization a major competitive advantage. They drive innovation and productivity by giving voice to fresh ideas and shaping a company’s direction. They’ll also take care of your brand image and employee morale.
About the Author
Ashley Manugas, Marketing Strategist
Ashley specializes in the development and implementation of our strategic marketing campaigns. Her expertise include market research, trends and forecast, metric analysis, ad buying, and SEO/SEM. She works closely with Perl to ensure we support the goals for client and talent acquisition and retention, collaborating with key stakeholders from the Sales Team, SRM, Talent Acquisition, and our external partners.

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